Absolute Privacy

Your VPN account will be on our servers in which are configured in such a way that your real Sammarinese IP is never stored so there will be no trace on our servers.

Unlimited Bandwith

We offer the same quality of services no matter which VPN package you choose and without restrictions on bandwidth volume.

Unblock Everything

With VPN account you can visit all blocked web sites, play games online such a poker, unblock VoIP and use Skype freely and download or upload anything.


The citizens of San Marino who want to protect themselves when online are at the right place. Super VPN represents an efficient and cost-effective way of utilizing the public network from any location around the world. Reliable VPN technology and protocols mask your geographic location and secure your entire data transfers. Insecure connection leaves us vulnerable to data thefts and cyber threats. That is why it is highly important to keep your browsing private and confidential so that no one could track you online. Super VPN service lets you access any resource completely anonymously and without logs. With total Internet liberty for every VPN customer from San Marino, enforced geo-blocks can finally be erased. Protect sensitive data and avoid potential risks with our trustworthy VPN methods.

Top Security

All your data are transferred in 1024 bit SSL military grade encryption without provider logs. You can surf safe and anonymous.

Absolute Anonymity

Anonymous Surfing. Secure and anonymous surfing and any other Internet activity through VPN. Worldwide servers available.

100% Internet Liberty

With our VPN you have complete access to all websites and internet services around the world completely anonymously.

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