Absolute Privacy

Your VPN account will be on our servers which are configured in such a way that your real Colombian IP is never stored so there will be no trace of your address on our servers.

Unlimited Traffic

Super VPN don’t have restrictions on traffic and we offer the same quality of services no matter which package you choose with your VPN account.

Unblock Everything

With VPN account citizens of Colombia can visit all blocked web sites, play games online, use Skype if it is blocked in your region, download or upload anything and more.


Whether you live in a country with Internet censorship or you are simply conscious about web privacy, VPN technology can definitely help you. With Super VPN services at your disposal, you can access blocked sites and applications regardless of your location by hiding your actual IP address. All web resources become unblocked and easily accessible. On the other hand, you will be able to keep the personal details you share online safe and encrypted. Avoid being monitored or compromised in any way by tunneling your connection through our exceptionally fast VPN servers located worldwide. Standard web browsing is now absolutely safe and well protected. Super VPN service for Colombia is the right way to protect yourself against online risks and preserve anonymity. With 128-2048 bit encryption technology and the most advanced security methods, Colombian citizens can surf freely and unrestrictedly.

Top Security

All your data are transferred in 1024 bit SSL military grade encryption without provider logs. You can surf safe and anonymous.

Absolute Anonymity

Anonymous Surfing. Secure and anonymous surfing and any other Internet activity through VPN. Worldwide servers available.

100% Internet Liberty

With our VPN you have complete access to all websites and internet services around the world completely anonymously.

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