Absolute Privacy

Your VPN account will be on our servers which are configured in such a way that your real Croatian IP address is never stored so there will be no trace on our servers.

Unlimited Volume

Super VPN offer the same quality of services and unlimited volume no matter which package you choose with your VPN account.

Unblock All

With VPN account you can visit all blocked web sites in Croatia or abroad, download or upload anything, play games online such a poker, unblock VoIP and use Skype freely if it is blocked in your region and more.


Web anonymity and privacy are under threat in many countries of the modern world. One of the most effective ways to be protected is to use a secure VPN connection that can help us maintain privacy when surfing the net. Super VPN for Croatia encrypts your traffic and protects your data against logging, monitoring and unauthorized access. All you need is an Internet connection, powerful VPN technology and an account at Super VPN. Besides full security, you will also gain open access to any online data, with the ability to unlock the most popular sites of the world. Croatian citizens can stream without speed limits, download files, exchange sensitive business correspondence or view any online content. Select a server location, get a new IP address and enjoy the Internet without censorship or any security risks.

Top Security

All your data are transferred in 1024 bit SSL military grade encryption without provider logs. You can surf safe and anonymous.

Absolute Anonymity

Anonymous Surfing. Secure and anonymous surfing and any other Internet activity through VPN. Worldwide servers available.

100% Internet Liberty

With our VPN you have complete access to all websites and internet services around the world completely anonymously.

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