How to Setup OpenVPN Gui On Android Based Smartphones and Tablets

  1. In order to use OpenVPN Gui from your Android device, you need to install OpenVPN Connect application from Play Store.

12. Find the application and press Install.


3. OpenVPN shortcut will appear on your Home Screen.



4. Open your browser from device and type:


It will automatically download profiles on your device (My Files/sdcard/Download)

5. Since the profiles we sent you are zipped, you need another application to unzip the file. We used free file manager app called “ES File Explorer.” Search for this app in the Play Store and install it. Open the app once you install it and search for Downloads. There you will find Tap this file and open it. You will then see the image.

66. Tap the server you want to connect with and you will get these options.

7Choose the option “Other”.

7. You will get options from where you want to open the client.ovpn. Choose OpenVPN Profile.

88. On the next screen check “I trust this application.” and press OK.

99. On the next screen choose Accept.

1010. Insert username / password and connect.

1111. Your are connected now.

12Enjoy your Super VPN.