How To Setup PPTP VPN On iPhone And IPad

To Setup PPTP VPN On Your iPhone Please Follow These Instructions

1. Click On “Settings” Icon From Your iPhone

2. Click On “General” Tab

3. Click On “Network” Tab

4. Click On “VPN” Tab

5. Click On “Add VPN Configuration” Tab

6. Click On “PPTP” Tab

7. In “Description” field enter Supervpn

8. In “Server” field enter

9. In “Account” field enter account username you recived from us in your account activation email

10. Leave “RSA SecureID” OFF

11. In “Password” field enter your account password from your account activation email

12. In “Encryption Level” select NONE

13. In “Send All Traffic” put ON

14. Click on “Save” Tab to save your new vpn settings. You can find settings on this picture as well:

iphone vpn settings

15. Now select Supervpn under “Choose a Configuration” menu

16. Under “VPN” tab turn vpn to “ON” and your VPN will be on and connected!

NOTE: If you want to use all available servers please update your Apple iOS to the latest version and then set encryption on Maximum. If you already have the newest Apple iOS version then you need to set up Encryption on Maximum and in the field “server” you should type “” in order to have Norwegian IP, for example.

Best Regards,

Super VPN Support Staff