OpenVPN iPhone and iPad

1. On your iPhone or iPad open Appstore than type OpenVPN in search 2. Install OpenVPN application on your iPhone or iPad. 3. On your PC open your Openvpn URL from your activation email. Example, Login there with your … Continue reading

How To Setup OpenVPN Gui SSL Connection On Mac OS X

1. Go to then click on Download latest stable release link   2. Double-Click on “Tunnelblick.dmg” wait then again double-click on Tunnelblick icon and install it. 6. In new window click on button “Open” 3. In window “Installation succeeded” … Continue reading

How To Setup SSL (OpenVPN) Connection On Windows 7

1a. When ou open link for login from your activation email this window will show up and you have to click on “I Understand the Risks”. Then you click on a button “Add Exception…” 1b. Click on button “Confirm Security … Continue reading

How To Setup OpenVPN GUI For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 And Windows Vista

1. Download OpenVPN Software using the link we sent you in your activation email. Unpack the zip file then right click on VPNSetup file and choose “Run As Administrator”. 2. If you have “User Account Control” activated choose “Yes” in order … Continue reading

How To Setup SSL (OpenVPN) Connection On Windows 8

1. Open the link from the activation email, enter your login details and sign in. 2. Click on openvpn-client.msi and choose “Run” to install Open VPN software. 3. Software installation will start automatically so please click on “Next” to proceed. … Continue reading